Writing your First Story

Writing a story is a skill that can be developed at any point in a person’s life. But starting early will give you a lot of time and opportunity to improve your craft. And if you continue working on it, you may actually end up with a published book.

Like most good things in life, the way to successful writing requires a lot of sacrifice and work. Completing your first story can take a lot of your energy and time. You’ll probably find the process tedious at some point but organizing a couple of things will help you write better. What’s harder to do is to remain inspired and to be able to let your ideas flow freely.

The core of writing is all about nurturing ideas in your head and putting them down in written form. Let your imagination run free because this is how unique stories are born. They are results of the creative energies of different people. Use a notebook to write down the ideas that come to you, whether day or night. It does not matter if they are all useful – you can sort them out later on. What’s important at the start is to allow your ideas to develop.

When you have jotted quite a bit, you can categorize your ideas into general themes or concepts. This way, you will have a ready reference for other stories that you’ll write in the future. Focus on a topic that has the strongest attraction for you, it could well turn out to be your first story. Make an outline to highlight the progression of events as the tale unfolds. You can include the timeline and the central characters along with this. Include a description of the main characters and the memorable scenes in the story. Having these basic points will help you work through the details of your piece.

If you feel stumped at one point, take a deep breath and relax. It happens to most writers and the best that you can do is to give yourself some breathing space. Engage in an activity that calms you down like reading a favorite book or seeing a film that you love. This can help loosen you up and inspire you to continue writing some more. There’s no limitation to what you can put in your book so let your creativity flow. At the very least, writing will give you a positive outlet for your imagination.

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