Instagram Marketing for Canadian Businesses: Is It Necessary?

Instagram Marketing for Canadian Businesses: Is It Necessary?

It’s no secret of the advantages of social marketing in today’s world. According to reports average person spends approximately 1 hour and a half every day on social media. Among the most popular is Instagram, which was established in 2010 and counts a whopping 800 million users. Many businesses are now joining the Instagram bang-wagon to promote their products and services. The platform allows users the ability to share captioned photographs onto their profile, which is syndicated into other users news feed and search results.

This opens the door for formidable exposure to potential customers. However, not all businesses will benefit from the use of Instagram. It seems that the amount of followers one gathers is most predictive of the exposure they shall receive. Some may choose to buy Instagram followers, while others will grind their way to success. Let’s look at an example.

Matt & Nat is a Canadian-based company that offers premium vegan leather goods. On almost a daily basis, the company publishes new photographs onto their Instagram. These photographs are professionally taken and truly showcase the style and aesthetic of the brand. This continuous flow of photographs helps Matt & Nat gain new followers every day, with new content showing up on users news feed. By doing so, the company ensures that it receives the necessary exposure it needs to keep the pace and grow their reach.

The company Instagram currently holds 192,000 followers and according to Socialblade statistics, the company should reach over 212,000 followers by the end of 2018.

Should every business be on Instagram?

The answer is a definite no! Not every business is the right fit the platform. Let’s look at the demographics. The average Instagram user is between the age of 18 and 29. Depending on the kind of business you run, this age range may not fit into your target customers. Also, if you run a fence company, chances that you’ll get any decent results from Instagram are slim. Businesses that do well in Instagram are related to fashion, fitness and photography. If your products don’t relate to those niches, it’ll be harder for you to stack followers and attain decent results from the platform.

However, one could always use some creativity to attain the goal of gaining new followers. In fact, the whole premise of Instagram is based on visual creativity. You’ll see all over Instagram many businesses wittingly catching users attention with beautiful photographs.

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