Semicolon Tattoos: Small size, huge meaning

It may look like all the grammar-obsessed people in the world decided to take a stand against poor grammatical structure. However, it is nothing of the sort. Semicolon tattoos have a specific meaning and purpose. One of the most honorable, in fact.

Semicolon tattoos represent the fight against mental illness and depression. The semicolon itself, as a grammar punctuation sign, is
utilized for the purpose of separating two thoughts that share something in common. It symbolizes the option of continuing the sentence despite being able to end it right there. This is why it was chosen to represent the movement.

This amazing movement began in 2013, as way of the organizer pay homage to her father. It has spread around the world since then, becoming a symbol of hope for everyone facing this type of illnesses. This tattoo became, almost unintentionally, an international symbol of social support towards a medical problem that is still marginalized by great part of society.  Some people even designed semicolon rings in honor of the suicide awareness movement. This is especially important, since despite the enormous amount of information available to everyone worldwide, this sicknesses are still devalued by most. As they don’t usually present themselves in a physical manifestation, it becomes very easy to attribute it’s consequences to the person’s personality, or other external factors. The action of ignoring or overlooking it and not giving support to the person who suffers from this type of problems can have devastating consequences. Some people mutilate themselves or even commit suicide. Lives are at stake as long as a simple visit to the psychologist or psychiatrist is frowned upon. Lives are at stake as long as people who suffer from mental illnesses are look at as crazy people. Lives are at stake as long as society does not evolve, become aware of this problem and starts showing some support and comprehension.

Semicolon tattoo brought up mental illness as a lighter conversation topic. People randomly have the habit of questioning the meaning behind other people’s tattoos, this one just happens to have a whole lot of meaning. It is an amazing strategy for decreasing the social stigma revolving around it, for it allows open, sincere and relaxed dialogues over this subject to begin.

You may erase a tattoo, but you cannot erase mental illness. Mental illness is a clinical condition without permanent cure. Depending from person to person, the symptoms may decrease during days, weeks or years, only to return unannounced. Every time it returns it becomes harder to fight against. It becomes frustrating even, because it feels pointless to fight against something you apparently can’t win, ever. This is what makes social illness so deadly. It destroys you from the inside, until there is nothing left, until your own family doesn’t have the patience to put up with you anymore, until your career is in pieces’, until everything you hold dear isn’t there to give you strength anymore. Until you want to put an end to it, and had a full stop to your story.

Semicolon tattoos represent the option to continue fighting, to build a better future, to live for tomorrow because better things will come as long as you are willing to invest in yourself. Everyone has met someone who went through this. The movement became not only a statement of freedom and willingness to fight on behalf of the people who suffer from these problems, but also as a sign of support from the people around them, a sign of promise to never give up as long as they don’t. It became a worldwide support system, providing strength, love, hope, comprehension and sense of belonging to anyone who ever felt to alone to keep fighting for their lives.

The Benefits of Using a Touchscreen TV for Conferences and Trade Shows

What makes an otherwise great event memorable? Surprisingly, it’s all about turning your guests into participants.

Touch is in itself, a rarely embraced sense especially in events. Nonetheless, it is one of the most effective ways to promote engagement as well as deliver remarkable presentations. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of touchscreen TVs.

Touchscreen TVs are an excellent way of attracting guests to your presentation as well as boosting engagement at functions. They offer a distinct opportunity not only to communicate but also collaborate with the audience through touch and various tailored applications. Also, there are other numerous benefits of using Touchscreen TVs among them:

Enhance and efficiency Simplicity:

Touchscreen TVs are an ideal way of displaying your presentation or videos to your audience. They feature superb video quality that ensures you communicate your message. What’s more, they also bring exceptional simplicity courtesy of the convenience of TV controls.

They are Interactive:

If you want to introduce your clients to your products or services in an interactive way, touchscreen TVs are the way to go. They work well in zooming in and out of graphs and charts as well as moving slides effectively. This makes them ideal for tradeshows, conventions, or seminars.

Promote easy accessibility:

Touchscreen TVs are suitable for displaying interactive galleries, documents, schedules, and maps at any event. They can be placed strategically at prime spots for way finding, allowing guests to quickly know what to do as well as where to head. These information stations (touch) enable your audience to get the information they are looking for at their own pace.

Allows for large-scale outreach:

Touchscreen TVs provide an ideal opportunity for any event exhibitor to conclusively demonstrate branded content, apps, and websites on a large scale. With large touchscreen TVs, you can carry out group demonstrations rather than single (user) walk-throughs for instance through mobile devices. Moreover, with different TV size options, you can pick out an appropriate size to get your message across to a broader audience.

Inexpensive and Convenient:

Finally, there are different firms that usually specialize in remarkable interactive solutions for brand engagement, marketing campaigns, exhibition and events, and promotions and which offer an expansive array of digital touch screens and systems for rental basis. As such, you can comfortably enjoy the perks of touchscreen technology devoid of ownership costs courtesy of Touch Screen Rentals service.

Touchscreen rental services are also inclusive of delivery, set-up services, as well as exclusive technical support to suit your needs. Need you hear any more?

In Conclusion

Multifaceted and adaptable, Touchscreen TVs are an absolute game changer for exhibitions. Despite not being in the market for as long as other means, they are significantly transforming how every industry professional is approaching trade shows. By enabling interactive (information) stations, as well as a more extensive outreach, they are slowly shaping the exhibition industry.

However, as with all other event technologies, it is essential you use them in a manner that not only complements your events but also maximizes the overall interaction of guests to enjoy the said benefits.

Public or Private Cloud Services? You Decide

Cloud Computing Hardware

Every organization has their own specific budget and needs. Generally, major companies have bigger budgets to spend on things like I.T. specialists and sophisticated cloud hosting hardware and security. Small companies with fewer employees are likely not going to have the budget to hire I.T. specialists to manage this kind of hardware for them. In fact, small companies don’t usually have the capital to purchase the hardware itself. What can they do in this situation? The answer is a public cloud service.

Any small company on a limited budget that does not transfer highly sensitive information will want to choose a public cloud service. This will practically eliminate the need to hire I.T. specialists because all the cloud hardware gets managed remotely. How is this possible? Well, because the hardware itself is stored remotely too. Your organization will not have to concern itself with purchasing expensive hardware, managing the hardware and keeping it functioning all the time. You can let those worries fall on the shoulders of the third-party which operates the hardware for you.

Of course, the public cloud service will not be the best option for all companies. If you were to choose a private cloud service instead, you would be getting better security and a lot more flexibility in how you manage the cloud. After all, the hardware would be stored at your facility which gives you complete control over how it is managed. This can be a good thing or bad thing, depending on how much you’re willing to invest in an I.T. team to manage it for you. Any big company with more capital to invest in technology like this will find it beneficial to use a private cloud. This is especially true if you have a big company which transmits people’s private and sensitive information on a daily basis. The advanced security features of a private cloud will be the safest option for these kinds of practices.

Alternatively, you could always go with a hybrid cloud service instead of either of these two clouds. A hybrid cloud will give you the benefits of a private cloud and public cloud. For example, if your company deals with a mixture of sensitive and non-sensitive applications, you can set up an affordable public cloud service for the non-sensitive applications and then an in-house cloud service for the sensitive applications. This can help increase the efficiency of your organization while providing an adequate amount of security to those applications which need it the most.

Instagram Marketing for Canadian Businesses: Is It Necessary?

It’s no secret of the advantages of social marketing in today’s world. According to reports average person spends approximately 1 hour and a half every day on social media. Among the most popular is Instagram, which was established in 2010 and counts a whopping 800 million users. Many businesses are now joining the Instagram bang-wagon to promote their products and services. The platform allows users the ability to share captioned photographs onto their profile, which is syndicated into other users news feed and search results.

This opens the door for formidable exposure to potential customers. However, not all businesses will benefit from the use of Instagram. It seems that the amount of followers one gathers is most predictive of the exposure they shall receive. Some may choose to buy Instagram followers, while others will grind their way to success. Let’s look at an example.

Matt & Nat is a Canadian-based company that offers premium vegan leather goods. On almost a daily basis, the company publishes new photographs onto their Instagram. These photographs are professionally taken and truly showcase the style and aesthetic of the brand. This continuous flow of photographs helps Matt & Nat gain new followers every day, with new content showing up on users news feed. By doing so, the company ensures that it receives the necessary exposure it needs to keep the pace and grow their reach.

The company Instagram currently holds 192,000 followers and according to Socialblade statistics, the company should reach over 212,000 followers by the end of 2018.

Should every business be on Instagram?

The answer is a definite no! Not every business is the right fit the platform. Let’s look at the demographics. The average Instagram user is between the age of 18 and 29. Depending on the kind of business you run, this age range may not fit into your target customers. Also, if you run a fence company, chances that you’ll get any decent results from Instagram are slim. Businesses that do well in Instagram are related to fashion, fitness and photography. If your products don’t relate to those niches, it’ll be harder for you to stack followers and attain decent results from the platform.

However, one could always use some creativity to attain the goal of gaining new followers. In fact, the whole premise of Instagram is based on visual creativity. You’ll see all over Instagram many businesses wittingly catching users attention with beautiful photographs.

Want to share? Will you join the Instagram bang-wagon? Are you already on Instagram and getting results?

Sound off below in the comment section! 

Should Canadians Use Surveillance software to protect themselves?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9622942o) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg arrives to testify before a joint hearing of the Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Capitol Hill in Washington, about the use of Facebook data to target American voters in the 2016 election Facebook Privacy Scandal Congress, Washington, USA - 10 Apr 2018

Surveillance technologies are becoming increasingly popular. There has been a lot of talk recently about privacy issues that can rise from the use of technology. Notably, with Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in Congress, many have come to question issues Facebook’s privacy security.

This brings up a conversation based on the topic ethics and privacy, it seems appropriate to present a question: when is it ever ethical to use surveillance applications? Is there ever a time, when it is granted?

Arguably, if the person is acting in good faith and using surveillance technology to protect themselves against. For example, one could use a software like Blue-Serieswhich enables you to spy your own computer to see if anyone is using while your away.

However, many will criticize the technology for allowing some the tool to spy on others. But I will argue that the blame should not be put on the technology, but on the people who use it in bad faith.

So it’s hard to put blame on the technology or the makers of such technology, since it could be used legitimately: to protect your child, or to keep track of your own phone. In reality, one could think of many ways in which the technology can be used legitimately: to protect your child, or to keep track of your own phone are just some of the examples.

However, one could argue that some users of the technology aren’t using the application in good faith and are in fact using the application to invade someone else’s privacy. 

Humans in nature are curious beings. I personally and very honestly, find the idea of being able to spy someone’s call and texts very appealing. Say I had doubts that I was being cheated on, I would like to have proof.

But that is the problem. People should be given the ability to keep their private matters, private. I believe that technologies made to surveil, are to put it simply, not playing fair game. People should be able to use technology freely rather being scared of being spied upon. A person should be able to decide which parts of their personal life they want to make public.

So fellow Canadians, join in the comment box below and let me know what you think about this topic. If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. You can always opt to send me an email here.